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PTK Service Project (Fall 2020): Overview

Designed specifically for the PTK Service Project at VSCC, this guide provides access to resources related to the November 2020 election on the local, state, and national levels.

Research Process

Research is a process. In order to fully understand a topic you will need to consult multiple sources and find information that specifically addresses your research question, issue or area of interest.

When conducting your initial research ask yourself the 5 W's:

Why - is this important / why am I doing this

Who - does this effect / what population am I focusing on 

What - is my focus / are the implications / effects of this

Where - is this an issue / geographical location

When - what time period am I looking at

Video: MediaWise Voter Project

The MediaWise Voter Project teaches first-time voters how to find reliable and accurate information about the 2020 election.

Ask a Librarian

 Stop by the ASK desk at your campus library
 Call 615-230-3400
 Email for research assistance
 Email with other library questions
 Meet with us by requesting a Research Consultation Appointment
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Video: MediaWise Demystifying the Voting Process


The percentage of first-time voters who do not feel they have enough information about candidates and issues to decide how to vote, according to the Knight Foundation