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Database Help: New York Times

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 NY Times subscriptions expire 6/30/2019

NY Times Online & NY Times in Education

Logo - The New York Times

Thigpen Library has an Academic Site license to both The New York Times and The New York Times in Education.

This license allows full access to the online version of the NY Times for current Vol State students, faculty, and staff.for free by creating an account using your Vol State email address. You have to create a separate account to access the The New York Times in Education

Create a NY Times Account

Creating your NY Times account is quick and easy. Step 1: Create your NY Times account provides the New York Times link and tells you what is needed to successfully create your account. Step 2: Verify your NY Times account tells you about the account confirmation step which allows you to begin reading the NY Times online.

New York Times in Education

Access to the New York Times in Education website is NOT linked to your NY Times account.

Register with your Vol State email to create an account.

Using your New York Times account

Use the Sections menu to better navigate the website on your computer browser.

Download mobile apps for access on phones and tablets.

Included with your digital subscription

  • Article Archives - included with search
  • Insider Access, which include TBooks
  • Daily Mini Crossword; the regular crossword is not included
  • Videos

Go to "My Account" to see your subscriber benefits and set Email Alerts,

Step 1: Create your NY Times account

Use the Thigpen Library New York Times - Academic Pass database link to access the Create Account page.

NOTE: The Create Account page also allows you to "renew" your pass when it expires.

Select "Create Account" for the registration page.

screen capture showing Create Account button.

Complete the information on the "Sign Up" page.

You must use your Vol State email address for your account.

Enter the password you want to use for your NY Times account.

Select your Vol State affiliation: Student or Faculty/Staff.

An alternate email address does NOT grant you access to the NY Times. Read the purpose.

Review the information entered and select "Create Account"

screen capture Academic Pass Sign Up web page

Step 2: Verify your NY Times account

After you complete the "Sign Up" form and select Create Account the next step is to verify the account.

With a successful account creation you will receive a "Confirm Your Email Address" email from with a verification link. Check your Junk E-mail folder for this e-mail since the spam filter typically sends it there.

The email contains a link after the phrase "Please click this link to confirm your email address."

email snippet from with "Please click this link to confirm your email address"

The "confirm your e-mail address" link is unique to your account and will not work with another account.

Clicking the confirmation link takes you to "You've claimed your NYTimes Pass!" page. Your account is now active.

The "Go to" button takes you to the NY Times Online and you are logged in for full access.

Screen capture Academic Pass page showing "You've claimed your NYTimes Pass!"