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Thigpen Library Research Guides

NoodleTools Guide: Print the Works Cited

Learn how to create an account and then use NoodleTools to create citations, Works Cited page, and annotated bibliographies.

  Works Cited (References or Bibliography) is the list of citations for your project. NoodleTools creates and formats the list based on the source information entered and citation style selected for your project.

Step 1: Print/Export

Create your Works Cited page from the Sources page of your Project.

  • Select "Print/Export" to view your options for printing and exporting to word processing software.
  • Selecting any of the three "Print/Export to" options will create a properly formatted Works Cited page.

NoodleTools - Print/Export menu

Do not cut and paste from the source list. Avoid the "Preview as Web Page" option. These methods require you to format the Works Cited.

Step 2: Open & Save Document

Clicking one of the print / export options may bring up a pop up message depending on your browser and computer settings.

  • The pop-up and message is based on the file type selected and your computer. 
  • The file will download, unless blocked by your computer browser, to your computer.
  • Open the file to save or print your Works Cited page.

NoodleTools - "Export as" pop up window

The document created with the Print/Export to feature meets the standards for the citation style of your project.

If you find errors in a citation on your Works Cited page it is a best practice to,

  • edit the citation in NoodleTools to fix the error, and
  • export the Works Cited page again.