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Phi Theta Kappa: Honors in Action 2022: Overview

Research Process

an open book is accompanied by the words Caution: Ideas Ahead

When researching banned books and censorship, keep an eye out for keywords. As you're reviewing websites, articles, and data you will begin to notice specific terminology related to that topic. Be sure to note those "keywords" to utilize in your research. Some keywords to consider as you undertake this project are:

  • "banned books"
  • "book banning"
  • "prohibited books"
  • "challenged books"
  • censorship
  • censorship - United States
  • censorship - Tennessee
  • censorship history
  • censorship - religious aspects
  • literature - censorship
  • "intellectual freedom"

Combining keywords will provide you with fewer results, and more detailed information.

  • "banned books" AND Tennessee
  • "challenged books" AND literacy
  • "challenged books" AND "intellectual freedom"