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Videos: Kanopy

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What is Kanopy?

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Kanopy is a collection of streaming videos. In this collection you will find full-length documentaries, Criterion collection movies, and foreign films.

  This streaming service does not provide unlimited free viewing like our other streaming collections. Watching a video triggers an annual license fee. Please check the library's DVD collection or another streaming collection before using Kanopy.

Who can use Kanopy?

This database is available on-campus and off-campus to current Vol State students, faculty, and staff

Link / Embed a video

Kanopy provides users with three options to share or embed a film. Select the "Share/Embed" button associated with the video these options.

When connecting to view a video from off-campus, users will be redirected to a Thigpen Library login page for authentication before they can watch the film.

Video accessibility

  The majority of videos are closed-captioned. Enable the closed-captions with the CC icon.

Transcripts do not automatically appear. To access the dynamic transcript click on More and select Transcript while the video is playing. The transcript will appear below the video..

Contact a Librarian if you discover an accessibility issue with a video.

Kanopy: Performance Rights

Viewing films in a group forum is permitted for all films for classroom viewings and most films for non-classroom group settings as long as the viewing is by authorized viewers and it is not for commercial benefit (i.e. no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening). Please contact Kanopy for confirmation confirm that the film is available for a showing to a group forum.

Get Online Help with Kanopy

Use Kanopy Help: For Viewers to find answers to technical questions and to learn how to create a personal user profile and watchlist.