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Criminal Justice: Legal Topics

Collection of resources on criminal justice, law enforcement, and legal topics.

  Find information on LEGAL topics with these recommended resources. These resources focus on legislation, regulations, laws, and statutes primarily in Tennessee.

Legal Codes (free online versions)

Legal codes are a code of laws adopted by a state or nation. These links are to reputable government or government recommended sites. These sites while reputable may not be deemed the "official" version of the code.

Law Databases in the Library

The emphasis of these library subscription databases is the law. You may find periodicals, both magazines and journals, on legal topics in other library databases.

Tennessee Legal Information Online

These public legal resources are Tennessee government websites with information on legislation, rules, regulations, and the court system in Tennessee.

These legal resources are from commercial websites. The sites are recommended for general information and academic purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional legal advice.