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Find OER

Collection of resources to assist faculty in their search for OER course materials and textbooks.


  Finding OER instructional materials that meet your need can be a challenging task. This curated list is not intended to be comprehensive and you can expect to see additions and deletions.

When reviewing materials be sure to:

  • verify and understand the legal permissions associated with the work, and
  • check accessibility.

Collections of Resources

A few of the larger repositories of OER materials and search engines dedicated to OER. The list is by not comprehensive and is presented alphabetically. Use other resources tabs to find additional suggestions.


Search Engines

Find OER resources by subject / discipline in guides created by other academic libraries.

Guides from other academic libraries for additional information and resources related to OER.

These Higher Education organizations link you to online OER resources. You can expect duplication of resources.

Open Books

Collections and publishers of OER and Open textbooks.

NOTE: In the recommended "Collections with Resources" you may also find OER textbooks along with other course materials.

Find books in the public domain and published as Open Access. Thigpen Library's JSTOR database provides access to the JSTOR Open Access Book collection.

NOTE: Open Access books are not OER but are affordable learning materials.

Other Open Resources

Large collections of digital materials. Permissions for reuse vary.

* A digital library (also called digital repository or digital collection) is an online database of digital objects. It may include text, still images, audio, video, digital documents, or other digital media formats. 

SOURCE: "Digital Library" article on Wikipedia. Accessed 12/22/2020

Image search tools

Image collections

Open Access journals and research repositories

Sites with videos available for reuse

Public Domain videos