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NoodleTools Guide: 1. Register

Use this guide for assistance in using NoodleBib

NoodleTools = NoodleBib

The resource that was formerly named "NoodleBib" is now officially named "NoodleTools." Some of the images in this guide still refer to "NoodleBib."

Step 1: Go to NoodleTools

Go to the library website and click on the NoodleTools link.



Click on "Access NoodleTools".


Step 2: Register

Click "Register" to create a new account.

We STRONGLY suggest using your Vol State username and password to create an account. We can reset your password but if you forget what you username is, we cannot retrieve it for you. 



Step 3: Create an Account

Create your account by answering a few questions. 

Subscription type: An account linked to a school/library subscription or trial. (This will be automatically selected for you.)