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Thigpen Library Research Guides

NoodleTools Guide: Revalidate your Account

Learn how to create an account and then use NoodleTools to create citations, Works Cited page, and annotated bibliographies.

   Once a year NoodleTools prompts users to revalidate their personal account. The purpose of revalidation is to verify that the user is still eligible to use the Vol State subscription.

This process is automatic if you login to your account from a computer on campus or use the "official" link. However, if you sign in to your NoodleTools personal account with a saved bookmark or favorite link you may need to take action to revalidate.

Message: Revalidate Your Personal Folder

Each year around August 1 when you  "Sign In" to your account you may receive a message "revalidate your personal folder". Users can opt to "skip revalidation for now" for a few sessions before being locked out.

What is the School/library password?

Vol State uses the "IP authentication or proxy server authentication" method; so,

  •  Clicking the "Revalidate" button does NOT work and
  • "School library password" is NOT an revalidate option 

How do I revalidate?

  1. Use the "official" link to access Thigpen Library's NoodleTools subscription. Using this link tells NoodleTools that you are allowed to use our subscription.
  2. "Sign In" to your personal account. It is that simple and you are authorized for another year.