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Teaching & Learning Center: Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Teaching and Learning Center provides Vol State faculty with resources to help them professionally.

Bring Culturally Responsive Teaching to the Classroom

Ways to enhance your teaching

A variety of resources recommended  by Vol State faculty. Resources are arranged alphabetically.

Communities of Practice

2022/2023 Selection

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2021/2022 Selection Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain: Promoting  Authentic Engagement and Rigor Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse  Students eBook : Hammond, Zaretta L.: Tienda Kindle

HIPs, Equity, and Inclusion

Community Colleges for All

Community Colleges for All (CC-ALL) is a series of condensed and engaging digital materials that promote and foster success and equitable programs for diverse learners as they move through their guided programs. CC-ALL is designed for ALL individuals who are interested in and concerned about advancing issues related to community colleges. This convenient ALL-access, ALL-the-time material is for educators, advocates, students, and administrators.

Community Building Activities

Equity Unbound has teamed up with OneHE to develop open educational resources for online community-building. Resources include a variety of activities for different settings and needs, e.g. introductory, warm-up, setting the tone.

Each of these resources includes a video or text demonstrating or describing the activity or exercise for community-building. We also include descriptive text, slides you can reuse/adapt where relevant, and links to additional resources. We also show you how much time, what kind of resources you need, and different variations on the activity to help you adapt it for your purposes.