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Vol State Teaching & Learning Center

Teaching & Learning Center: Overview

The Teaching and Learning Center provides Vol State faculty with resources to help them professionally.

Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Center

About the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

 Vol State  The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at Volunteer State Community College (VSCC) is a faculty-driven initiative to support the community of educators at all of our VSCC campuses. The TLC will support existing initiatives on our campuses in order for our faculty to continue the valuable work they are currently pursuing. While supporting those efforts, the TLC aims to create more opportunities for our faculty to collaborate and learn from each other, all while showcasing the hard work and dedication our faculty have for their craft.

The TLC will provide:

  • Resources faculty want and need, allowing them to be successful in and out of the classroom.
  • Support to faculty while serving at VSCC.
  • Physical space for instructors/professors to share, learn, and relax.
  • Professional Development that is consistently tied to faculty development.

TLC Background

The TLC resulted from Vol State faculty expressing the desire for a faculty-led program with its own designated space(s) to support professional development and build community with other teaching colleagues. All faculty were invited to an initial meeting in the spring of 2019, followed by several additional brainstorming sessions and the creation of a faculty-wide survey sent out in the fall of 2019. Based on the input of meeting attendees and survey participants, a proposal for the TLC was submitted to Academic Affairs in January 2020 and approved in early March 2020. The TLC continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the faculty.

  Get Involved with the TLC

Contact the TLC faculty coordinator, Erin Bloom (, to be added to the email group for updates and meeting schedules. 

Help with the TLC guide. Contact Kelly Ormsby ( or Livy Simpson ( for information about this or any of the TLC guides. Let us know of resources to include. Suggest another guide.

Collaborate and suggest resources and trainings for more equitable, culturally-responsive, and anti-racist teaching.

Finding Information at Vol State

Finding information at Vol State is sometimes difficult because much of the information is not available on the Vol State website ( This means that the website's Google search or A-Z index does not find the desired information. This guide is an example as the content on this guide is not discoverable through the College website.

Start your search at the Employees page on the Vol State website as this page links you to information, applications, and resources relevant for faculty needs.

Look at Orientation page for common resources needed new and adjunct faculty. In addition to those resources, here are a few links that faculty may need:

More Guides from the TLC

The Teaching and Learning Center has a collection of guides to assist faculty.