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Library Services at Thigpen Library

Circulation: ZOOM Booths

Circulation services for Vol State patrons


Three (3) rooms on the Library's 2nd floor
are designated "ZOOM Study"
for individual use only.

Zoom rooms are restricted to students attending a Synchronous Class*.

These Zoom rooms feature whiteboards only; students should enter these rooms prepared to use their own laptop or a student laptop available to borrow from the library. Proof of enrollment in a synchronous course will be required when checking in. 

Students wishing to reserve a Zoom room for the entire semester should fill out this form

Room 202, with table, two chairs, and whiteboard on wall.

*Synchronous classes meet online at an established time for a class period during which the instructor & students are logged on simultaneously. (Asynchronous Classes are completed online by students at their own pace.)


Please email or call 615-230-3400
to reserve or ask about ZOOM Booths.


At this time, ZOOM Booths are available exclusively
to students enrolled in Synchronous* Classes
We apologize for any inconvenience this incurs as the Library strives
to balance Students' needs with Student & Staff safety. 

One-time Usage 

Eligible students should visit the Library's ASK Desk at least 15-20 minutes prior to the class period & be prepared to:

  • present their VolState ID card, and 
  • identify the Synchronous* Class that they will be attending in the ZOOM Booth. 

Repeat Usage

Eligible students may reserve a ZOOM Booth for Fall 2020 semester by emailing & providing:

  • their VolState ID number, and 
  • proof of the Synchronous* Class in which they are enrolled & which will be attending in the ZOOM Booth. 

Please arrive to the Library 5-10 minutes prior to your reservation & present your VolState ID card in order to check out a key to a ZOOM Booth.


*A Synchronous Class meets online at an established time for a class period during which the instructor & students are logged on simultaneously.
Asynchronous Classes are completed by students at their own pace.