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Circulation: Study Areas

Circulation services for Vol State patrons


Group Study & Zoom Rooms

The library provides individual and group study rooms for use primarily by students. Our mission is to accommodate space for academic study. Given the demand for these rooms by students, study rooms may not be used for general meetings or non-academic purposes.

Finding Study Spaces

                Red button with text Book a Study Room

Is there a place to work in groups?

Four (4) rooms on the Library's 2nd floor
are designated "Group Study"
for 2 or more individuals.

These group study rooms are equipped with a smartboard. A wireless keyboard and mouse can be checked out at the ASK desk when you pick up your room key.

Group study rooms are for 2 or more individuals. When checking in at the ASK desk, at least two members of your group must be present.


Is there a quiet place to study?

All open areas of Thigpen Library's Second Floor
are presently designated as quiet spaces.
Short, whispered conversations are allowed.

Check out the Quiet Study Room for silent study space.
PC and Mac computers are available for use.
Conversations in this room are limited to IT troubleshooting.


Is there a place I can Zoom?

Three (3) rooms on the Library's 2nd floor
are designated "ZOOM Study"
for individual use only.

Zoom rooms are restricted to students attending a Synchronous Class*.

These Zoom rooms feature whiteboards only; students should enter these rooms prepared to use their own laptop or a student laptop available to borrow from the library. Proof of enrollment in a synchronous course will be required when checking in. 

Students wishing to reserve a Zoom room for the entire semester should stop by the ASK desk.  

Room 202, with table, two chairs, and whiteboard on wall.

*Synchronous classes meet online at an established time for a class period during which the instructor & students are logged on simultaneously. (Asynchronous Classes are completed online by students at their own pace.)

Terms and Conditions

Limits, per person

  • 2 hour maximum time limit per reservation

  • 2 reservations per day

  • 5 reservations per week

  • Group study rooms are for 2 or more individuals. When checking in at the ASK desk, at least two members of your group must be present.

  • Zoom rooms are for use by a single individual attending an online synchronous class.

  • Rooms may not be used without first being reserved through the room reservation system. You must check in at the ASK desk (first floor) to gain access to the study rooms.


  • Study rooms are intended for students for academic use.

  • Thigpen Library’s food and drink policy applies to study rooms.

  • STUDY ROOMS ARE NOT SOUNDPROOF - Please maintain a moderate noise level.

  • Please do not bring furniture from outside the room.

  • Leave rooms in an orderly condition.

  • Users are responsible for replacement costs of lost keys.

Unattended Rooms

  • The library is not responsible for personal property left unattended. Study rooms should not be left unattended for more than 15 minutes.

  • Rooms left unattended for more than an hour, or after your reservation time has ended, will be forfeited; Campus Police will gather any belongings left in forfeited rooms.

  • If you must leave the library during your reservation, please leave the room key at the 1st floor ASK desk.

  • If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, your reservation is forfeited.


Failure to comply with these policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension of access to the group study rooms.

Library Staff reserve the right to modify or cancel any reservation.