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ISCI 1030: Research: Find Sources

Resources to support undergraduate research assignments for ISCI 1030

Finding Science Articles

This is an alphabetical list of specialized library databases with articles from magazines and academic journals in various science disciplines.

Mulit-subject Databases

Articles on science topics can also be found in the multi-subject databases JSTOR and  ProQuest Research Library. 

How to Read a Scientific Paper

1. Skim

  • Get the "big picture" by reading the title, keywords, and abstract carefully. These will give you the major findings and why they matter.
  • Scan the article without taking notes; focus on headings and subheadings
  • Note the publishing date
  • Note any terms and parts you don't understand for further reading

2. Re-Read

Read the article again, asking yourself the following questions:

  • What problem is the study trying to solve?
  • Are the findings well-supported by evidence?
  • Are the findings unique and supported by other work in the field?
  • What was the sample size? Is it representative of the larger population?

3. Interpret

  • Examine graphs and tables carefully
  • Use the captions to help interpret the data
  • Look for key issues and new findings in the Discussion and Results sections
  • Make sure you have identified the main points

4. Summarize

  • Take notes; it improves reading comprehension and can help you paraphrase sources
  • Highlight key points and words


Other Research Tools

These additional resources are not full-text resources, but they are useful for finding articles. Not in full-text? Check Pioneer Search before proceeding to the library's free Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services for acquiring full-text articles and books.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL is an invaluable tool to fulfill full-text resource needs. It's quicker than you might think: but do plan ahead as it does require turnaround time. Typically, 1-5 business days for delivery of articles (sent via email PDF); 2 weeks for books (more if the title isn't held by many libraries).

Need help? Questions?

  Ask a Librarian when you need research assistance or help using library resources.