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Thigpen Library Research Guides

Cite your Sources: Chicago style

Resources to help you with your citations for essays and research papers

 This guide page will help you with your Vol State assignments that require you to use Chicago or Turabian citation and format style. The resources on this page, available both online and in print in the library, provide self-help assistance for using Chicago style to format your paper and create citations for use in your bibliography.

This page provides you with links to online resources, print books in the library, tips on using the Bedford Handbook, examples of formatting a Chicago style paper, and a link to NoodleTools, an online citation management tool.

Chicago style: online resources

These free online resources (websites) are good resources for learning more about Chicago style and will answer your basic questions.

Chicago style: library resources

There are two key resources for using Chicago style and both are available in print at your campus library.

Bedford Handbook: Chicago style

The Bedford Handbook has a chapter on Chicago style. In the 9th edition go to Chapter 63 "Writing Chicago papers" to learn about both creating the paper and citations. The chapter varies by the edition of the handbook. Use the index or  table of contents to find the information in your book.

Examples of papers in Chicago style

The Bedford Handbook, 9th edition, has sample pages from a Chicago research paper on pages 783-788 to help you with formatting.

Examples of Chicago style papers are also available online with the following links.

Chicago style with NoodleTools

Select Chicago style for your project in NoodleTools for a properly formatted bibliography and footnote. Annotations and an annotated bibliography can be created with NoodleTools.

NoodleTools only provides help with citations, not the paper itself.

The purpose of this guide is to provide information about Vol State resources and free online resources available to help students with the basics of using Chicago style for their research papers and essays.