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Physical Therapist Assistant: Library Resources

Library services and resources for students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program

Library Services


Thigpen Library's home page ( provides Physical Therapist Assistant students and faculty with easy access to locate all of resources and services offered to support teaching and learning needs. The discovery tool named "Pioneer Search" is featured in the center of page (like a "Google" search box) and allows users to conduct initial searches for information in article, audio-visual, data, and book formats across multiple online sources and physical holdings.


Research assistance is provided in-person, virtually, and via drop-in sessions or scheduled consultations; the "Contact the Library" page outlines all the ways that Thigpen Library supports research needs. 


Thigpen Library's citation guide provides students with guidance for using citation styles. Plus, the library offers access to an online bibliographic management resource, NoodleTools


Interlibrary Loan services are provided free of charge and allow students and faculty to obtain materials beyond Thigpen Library's existing physical and online holdings. Taking classes at Livingston, Springfield, or Cookeville? Physical materials from the Gallatin library will be delivered to you at these sites.

The Tennessee Academic Library Cooperative (TALC) allows students and faculty/staff in the TBR, THEC, and UT systems to check out materials from any participating library (link opens in new window).
  • To be eligible for a TALC card you must be a currently enrolled student or be employed (full or part time) at a participating institution.
  • You must be able to log in to your campus portal to show that you are enrolled in course(s) for the current semester or that you are employed at the institution.
  • You will also be asked to show home campus ID. If you do not have a home campus ID, you may be asked to present driver's license or other government-issued photo ID.
  • Borrowing privileges from a participating TALC library require that the borrower accept full responsibility for the items borrowed. As a TALC borrower, you agree to follow all rules and guidelines established by the lending library. Borrower responsibilities include returning materials in time and paying replacement cost of materials and fees, if charged by the lending library.


Library operating hours provide access to in-person library services, physical resources, and spaces (e.g. rooms for group and silent study) and technologies that can be borrowed. In-person library access is available to Vol State students and faculty at the VSCC locations in Gallatin (main campus), Springfield, Cookeville, and Livingston. These locations also include the I.T. department's computer labs, including printers and access to I.T. staff assistance.