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Speech: Intercultural Communications

Use these recommended resources for Informative Speeches, Persuasive Speeches and general Public Speaking tips.

This guide with recommended search terms and resources is for the intercultural assignment in COMM 2025 (formerly SPCH 1010). It links you to reputable resources that your group can use to find the information needed for your presentation. Read your assignment to verify that the resources you use meet the requirements.

Search Terms to use

Which words get the best results for this assignment?

Here are the types of results you can expect based on related search terms.

  • The phrase intercultural communication is used more commonly for studies about communication.
  • Customs as a search term typically gets you information about duties levied upon imports or the area at an airport where goods and luggage are examined and customs duties are levied.
  • Etiquette retrieves more precise results than customs and should be used as the term to begin your search for this assignment.

Use an eBook

The best library resource for this assignment is an eBook from the database eBook Collection (EBSCHOhost).

Find ebooks on your country by using the search terms: etiquette AND [name of country]. For example, if you have selected Kenya as your country you would search etiquette AND Kenya.

There are two series of ebooks on culture and customs in this collection. It may be helpful when selecting your country to see what is available. TIP: use the quotes around the series titles, as shown, when you search.

  • “Culture and Customs” series
  • “CultureShock!” series

Use credible and reputable Websites

Avoid sites like Trip Advisor and travel wikis. These sites are great to learn about places to eat or visit but it is difficult to determine if the person giving you the information about dining etiquette in Japan is knowledgeable or credible.

Search for credible sites on studying overseas or business etiquette in a particular country. Always look at the About Us section of a website to judge the site’s credibility.

These following websites are credible resources relevant to the assignment.

Travel Guides

Travel guides provide practical information on visiting a country. For you example, how to use the Metro in Paris or trains in Italy. The guides often include a section on customs and culture.

Thigpen Library does NOT have travel guides. Check the public library for travel guides (or use the local bookstore like a library). Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Rick Steves, and Frommer’s all publish good travel books. Be sure to use travel guides published in the last 2 to 3 years.

Books on Business etiquette

Much information about intercultural communication has been created from a business perspective to help traveling business professionals quickly acclimate to a foreign culture. If you want to browse the shelves, business etiquette books are shelved in the HF5389 section of the library. Also, you can use Pioneer Search to discover print books on the shelf.

TIP: Check the book's publication date to be sure the information is current.

Articles from magazines and journals

Finding relevant useful articles from magazines and journals may be difficult and you will be overwhelmed by the number of results. For the best results with an article search, use these search tips:

  • Use the search terms: etiquette AND [name of country]
  • Limit results to full-text (for the complete article)
  • Limit publication date range to last 5 years (or less)

Use these recommended databases to begin your search for articles.

Additional guides to help with research and presentation

Additional guides from Thigpen Library are available that link you to more resources and provide self-help resources. Find additional sources for more research or get help with citations.