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Speech: Persuasive

Use these recommended resources for Informative Speeches, Persuasive Speeches and general Public Speaking tips.

Research for a persuasive speech will take longer and may be more difficult than research for an informative speech. This page provides you with resources to help with the research process. Another way to find resources is to use another research guide related to your topic — Careers, Education, Music, Sciences, etc. Find a relevant research guide, and more resources, from the comprehensive list of research guides (https://

There is an additional guide for the persuasive speech assignment used in some COMM 2045 sections.

Find your Position

CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context) cover controversial and current hot topics, presenting background information, current situations and expert pro/con opinions. When you've decided on your topic, you may find supporting arguments and facts in these databases. You may also find a relevant visual aid in one of these two databases.

Streaming Videos as a visual aid

Use streaming video for your visual aid! Find informative and instructional videos in these databases. Use clips or segments from a video as part of your presentation. The Videos guide provides tips on using both Films on Demand and Academic Video Online.

Cultural, Political, and Social statistics

Statistics focusing on cultural, political, and social topics in the United States

Health statistics

Find statistical information on health issues with these resources for Tennessee, National (US), and International health data.