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TN eCampus: For students

resources for students taking and faculty teaching TN eCampus courses

TN eCampus logo  This page is for TN eCampus students who are either taking a course taught by Vol State faculty or are enrolled at Vol State.

On this page you will find information on the Virtual Library and how to get help with library resources. Discover other resources to help you with your TN eCampus course.

Students needing Interlibrary Loan (ILL) should contact their home school. Your home school is the college or university where you are enrolled as a student. A current student ID from your home school allows you to check out books from any TBR or UT college or university. Ask for more information at your library.

TN eCampus Virtual Library

The Course Resources box is located on the main page of each TN eCampus course. Here you will find the Virtual Library link that takes you to a library list on the TN eCampus Virtual Library page.

TN eCampus Course Resources screen capture.  Virtual Library link highlighted

Use this Virtual Library page to connect to your home library. NOTE: This is a change from previous semesters.

The College name affiliated with the Virtual Library is based on the home college of the professor teaching your course which may be different from your home college.

You select your home college (institution) library from the drop-down menu or use your library link from the "Virtual Library Links List" on the virtual library page. Vol State librarians will help Vol State students with both their Vol State and TN eCampus research.

TN eCampus Virtual Library page showing menu option to select library


Since you will be using your home institution library there is no need for a different library login. However, if your professor is using resources in their course that is unique to their college library they will provide you the information needed to access the resource. Vol State professors have a shared username and password that they can provide you to use Thigpen Library resources.

Problems using library resources?

Browser settings are frequently the biggest obstacle to accessing a library's subscription resources.

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Accept cookies
  • Restart your browser
  • Keep your browser updated
  • Switch to a different browser
  • Restart your computer

Resources for TN eCampus students

Resources that connect you to your TN eCampus course, your college's student  liaison, and the Knowledge Books that can help you 24/7.

Access your TN eCampus course

Information on your username and password is available on the course login page.

Password problems? Use the "forgot your password" link from the login box to have your password reset.

Other login problems? Is there a problem with your username? Did the password reset fail? Contact the TN eCampus Help Desk.

Student Liaisons

Each campus (home institution) has a TN eCampus student liaison. Your liaison can provide guidance and assistance on computer requirements for an online course, registration procedures, grade appeals, complaint processes, and much more.

Vol State Student Liaison: Andrea Scruggs

Call 615-230-3665 or email

Student Liaison Directory

TN eCampus Knowledge Books

Use the Knowledge Books to find answers to your questions about your TN eCampus courses.

The purpose of this TN eCampus guide is to help students and faculty get help with their TN eCampus courses.

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