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TN eCampus: For faculty

Resources for students and faculty.

TN eCampus logo  This page is for Vol State faculty who are creating, updating, or teaching a course for TN eCampus.

How Thigpen Library can help

The librarians of Thigpen Library are available to help you and your students. We can

  • help you find OER, Open Access, or other credible information sources to use in your course;
  • help you use library subscription resources in your course that are available for the majority of students;
  • provide assistance with creating research assignments;
  • suggest resources to help your students learn research skills;
  • provide resources to help students with citations.

Julie Brown is your TN eCampus representative from the library. Email her at or call 615-230-3438. Email is the best contact method.

Resources to help Faculty with their Courses

Vol State has a faculty liaison for TN eCampus, Content Mentors, and the Distributed Education team available to help. TN eCampus provides assistance through its Campus Relations Manager and Faculty Support Portal.

Vol State Resources 

VSCC Faculty Liaison for TN eCampus

Wanda Grimes
Office: Highland Crest Rm. 232
Phone: 615-433-7044

Content Mentors

Course developer information will be available within a course content area. The course developer is available as a content mentor to other faculty members teaching a TN eCampus section.

Distributed Education

The Distributed Education department oversees distance education at Vol State, including the partnership with TN eCampus.

Distributed Education Staff
Offices: Thigpen Building
Phone: 615-230-3665

TN eCampus (TBR) Resources

Campus Relations Manager

Colbe S. Wilson
Office: 615-366-4468
Mobile: 865-382-6717