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Data, Statistics, and Infographics: Guide Home

Collection of online and library resources that provide state, national, and international data on a variety of topics.

   This guide on Data has gathered links to credible websites (statistics online), identified library databases (statistics in library databases), and links you to data visualization sites and tools (infographics).

If the links on this guide did not take you to what you need and you need to search for statistics on the web let the Video: Evaluating Websites help you select credible sites. Of course, you can always Ask a Librarian to assist you.

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases can be used by students and faculty in any subject area. They contain information on a wide variety of topics! 

For additional resources, click here!


Streaming Media

Video: Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Watch Evaluating Sources for Credibility to understand what it means for a source to be credible. Learn why you should use credible sources for your college assignments.

  On the Vol State Need Help page at the end of this video the information on SMS / Text  is outdated. Check our Ask a Librarian web page for ways we can assist you with your research.

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The guide Data links users to credible resources for statistics and facts on a variety of topics and subject areas.