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Data, Statistics, and Infographics: Infographics

Collection of online and library resources that provide state, national, and international data on a variety of topics.

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a graphical format. Infographics are one type of data visualization.

On this page you will find links to websites with infographics, get tips on finding infographics online, and resources to create your own infographics.

Websites with infographics

These websites provide visualization of data on a variety of topics. This data is from U.S. government and NGO agencies.

Health infographics

Disasters data visualizations

Population & Cultural infographics

Science & Technology infographics

Finding infographics

On a government website or other credible website look for links to infographics or data visualization. Use the term infographics or the phrase "data visualization" when you search a website.

Creating infographics

These websites provide tools to create infographics based on information from their site.

Web-based software to create an infographic is available. The following list of sites require subscriptions, but also offer a limited amount of free tools or access when you create an account.