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information for Vol State faculty on library instruction services available

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Discover the many services available at Thigpen Library online services to assist you and your students.

PILOT is a library and research tutorial that can be embedded into your eLearn courses.

Class Librarian services are available for those unique circumstances.

Need library help for your TN eCampus Classes?

Thigpen Library online services

The library's website is the gateway to all the various services and resources provided by Thigpen Library for the College.


Thigpen Library offers a variety of ways to assist our users in the online environment, both in real-time (synchronous like chat or video conferencing) and delayed or self-paced (asynchronous like e-mails or research guides or tutorials).

Research guides and tutorials are available 24/7 when your students need help.

Assistance examples

Department and Course Level guides

A discipline specific research guide leads students to relevant library databases and other credible resources. Specialized guides are available to help students learn about about a special topic like scholarly articles. Librarians can create a guide for a course or a particular section of a course. Let a librarian help you incorporate library resources in your assignments.

Guide examples


The web-based citation management tool, NoodleTools, is available for all students.

Databases with articles, ebooks, and streaming videos.

Contact a Librarian to discuss Online Library Services .

Thigpen Library PILOT

PILOT (Pioneer Information Literacy Online Tutorial) is an introduction to research and library resources specific to Vol State. Designed for ENGL 1010  and 1020 students, the tutorials integrate with eLearn and are automatically added to the grade book as a Complete/Incomplete activity. Instructors may decide how many points PILOT is worth in their course.

The tutorials contain the following modules: 

ENGL 1010

  1. The Research Cycle
  2. Developing Your Topic
  3. Finding Information
  4. Using Information Ethically
  5. Library Help

ENGL 1020

  1. Information Types
  2. Evaluating Information
  3. Library Help

Once the student has completed all modules, they will take a quiz to assess their knowledge. Students do not have to complete the tutorial in one sitting. When they return to PILOT, their place will be saved from previous visits.

Note: PILOT is included in the ENGL 1010 and 1020 Master Courses.

Download the PILOT eLearn Instructions below to add PILOT to your course.

Class Librarian

Thigpen Library's Class Librarian Service is available for those unique circumstances where students need a specific librarian assigned to their class. This service is an option when the other online services do not meet the needs of a particular class. In most cases this service will use the librarian role in the College's learning management system, D2L, to work with students online.

This Class Librarian Service information does not apply to TN eCampus courses taught by Vol State faculty. Go to the "TN eCampus Classes" section on this page for additional information.

Contact Livy Simpson, or 615-230-3414, about the Class Librarian service.

TN eCampus Classes

Thigpen Library also provides embedded librarians to TN eCampus online courses taught by Vol State faculty. This program is managed by TBR and requests are made through the TN eCampus program (opens in a new window).

Each semester Vol State faculty teaching for TN eCampus are emailed information to share with their students. This information includes a special username and password that allows students to access Thigpen Library resources.

About the online services page

This page describes online library services available to faculty and their students.