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24-Hour Customer-Centric Support | Workday

Your physical, environmental, social, and emotional needs are important!  Additionally, to learn effectively, you must have basic security: a roof over your head, a reliable place to sleep, and enough food to eat.  If you're having trouble with any of those things, please talk with any staff member in the Learning Commons, contact your instructor, or reach out to one of the following resources:

  • For food insecurityThe Feed is open to all currently enrolled students and can be accessed by visiting the Wood Campus Center 217 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.
  • For concerns regarding sexual assault, substance abuse, or mental healthStudents can contact Student Services. Currently enrolled students have access to six free counseling sessions through Recuro. We have resources available to help you!  You are not alone.
    • email
    • phone (615) 230-3442 or 
    • visit us in the Wood Campus Center 217 to talk.

Vol State offers many support services to its students. For more information about Campus Life, visit our website. The Vol State website also contains a helpful list of links to Student Resources.

Vol State welcomes Catholic Charities to its Gallatin Campus! Vol State and Catholic Charities are part of a New Collaborative, Tennessee Alliance for Economic Mobility (TAEM)

One of TAEM’s approaches is designed to mitigate the effects of the “benefits cliff”–a broken piece of the public support system that leaves low-income families worse off financially when they increase their income and thus de-incentivizes caregivers from pursuing increased earnings, education, and opportunity.

TAEM's offers:

  • a transitional benefit that will be paid directly to food, childcare, housing, and health providers to increase families’ access to fresh food, childcare, housing, and health care when a family’s net resources decrease due to the benefits cliff.
  • family-centered coaching, whereby participant families define goals for every member of the family and receive consistent support from their dedicated coach to achieve those goals. Families drive the goal-setting and progress-tracking processes and are surrounded by a tailored team of experts.

TAEM Coaches and Navigators are now located on the Vol State campus in the 300 building (building 21) on our "East Campus" across Gap Road.

  • To learn more about the TAEM program, make an appointment with a TAEM Coach,  or make referrals, please visit  Our Chance TN.