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Database Help: BBC Shakespeare

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BBC Shakespeare Plays, from Ambrose Digital, is a video collection of 37 Shakespeare plays created for BBC television from 1978-1985. Performers include Sir John Gielgud, Ben Kingsley, Claire Bloom, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, Michael York, Alan Richman, John Cleese and Derek Jacobi.

Using BBC Shakespeare

Videos from BBC Shakespeare Plays are available for viewing both on-campus and off-campus to current Vol State students, faculty, and staff.

After you open a video

  • Select the "Links & Embedding" link then
  • Select either "Direct Link" or "Embed Code." Read the tips that accompany the links for the best results.

Select "Cite this Program" for suggested citations in various styles, e.g. MLA, Chicago, and more.

BBC Shakespeare Plays meet accessibility standards.

Videos are closed-captioned with transcripts.

Volunteer State Community Colleges has purchased institutional access for BBC Shakespeare Plays from Ambrose Digital.

Videos may

  • be shown in a Vol State classroom,
  • embedded in a Vol State eLearn course, or
  • viewed by individuals while currently affiliated with the College. International and US copyright laws apply.