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Database Help: ProQuest

Find answers to your questions on the library's online resources, including databases.

ProQuest logoThigpen Library provides access to several databases from the vendor ProQuest. You can search multiple ProQuest databases in one search from the search platform.

About ProQuest databases

ProQuest Research Library is a periodical database with newspapers and wire feeds, magazines, trade journals (specialized magazines), and scholarly journals including peer-reviewed. In this database you will find full-text articles plus citations and abstracts. This databases is a good research tool for most subject areas.

Find current news in the newspaper databases: US Major Dailies and The Tennessean. Search the The Wall Street Journal, available in US Major Dailies, for current business news. Go back in history with the Historical Newspapers collection.

Literature Online and Academic Video Online, a streaming video collection, are specialized databases from ProQuest. You will find information on these databases on the following guide pages:

Research Library Subject Areas

ProQuest Research Library is a multidisciplinary collection of information sources from many subject areas. With these links you can search publications that cover specific subjects. Your research topic may overlap many subject areas and this links can help. For example, if you are interested in Science Fiction literature but NOT movies you would select the Research Library: Literature & Language link. 

ProQuest: Search multiple databases

Search multiple ProQuest databases with one search by selecting databases from the "ProQuest database collection".

When using a ProQuest database, select Change Databases to select a different database or add additional ProQuest databases to your search.

screencapture ProQuest "Change databases"

ProQuest: Cite

Cite icon in ProQuest databases The Cite feature gives you a citation for a variety of citation styles. Select the style you need. Copy and paste your citation.

You need to review the citation to ensure that it is properly formatted and contains all the necessary information.

ProQuest: Permalink

The permalink for articles and other resources in databases from ProQuest is called the Document URL. This URL includes the information that allows you to get back to the article via Thigpen Library's subscriptions. Save the Document URL not the URL in your internet browser's address bar.

ProQuest: Search tips

When searching or using ProQuest search results use limiters like full-text, scholarly articles, and publication date. Short videos on basic or advanced searching are available on this page.


Full-text is the complete text of the article. An abstract is only a summary and cannot be used as a source. PDF full text is the article as it appeared in print and includes any charts or pictures.

CAUTION: No full-text link means no complete article.

Scholarly Articles in Research Library

Option 1: Limit your search results to Scholarly Journals at the beginning of your search. 

CAUTION: Selecting peer-reviewed eliminates many scholarly journals. You can also select a publication date range. If you are instructed to only cite sources from the last 5 years, you can limit your search to that date range.

Option 2:  If you forget to select Scholarly Journals at the beginning, or if you want to view a different source type, use the "Narrow results by" option on the right side of your results page. Under Source type select "Scholarly Journals."

Publication Date

Set a publication date range before or after you search.

  • Use "Publication Date" on the Advanced Search page to set a date range before you search, or
  • Apply a date range on the Search Results page then update the results page.

ProQuest: Get Help

If you are new to using ProQuest please watch the short ProQuest video "Basic Search" or use the ProQuest help guide "Basic Search."

ProQuest: Advanced Search

Too many results? Not the results you wanted? Try Advanced Search to be more specific in your search.

This page offers easy access to a few ProQuest databases, including ProQuest Research Library. The page provides some tips and resources for using ProQuest databases. It is not  a comprehensive guide to this database; it simply assists Vol State users with common questions.