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Database Help: Academic Video Online: Premium

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Alexander Street logo Academic Video Online: Premium is a multidisciplinary collection of streaming videos in a subscription database from Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company. This database of streaming videos is available to current Vol State students, faculty, and staff. It can be used both on and off campus.

Using Academic Video Online

A User Account allows you to create playlists and save clips from thousands of videos.

This personal account option is available to all current Vol State students, faculty, and staff. Your account remains valid until you leave Vol State or Thigpen Library cancels its subscription to this database.

Select the User Profile icon at the top of any page on the site to go to the User Account page to create / login to your account. Your Username and the associated email address must be unique within the system.

Forgot your password? Click the “Request new password” link on the User account page.

In Academic Video Online you can link to channels (multiple videos) or single videos and there are various share options.

Channel Links

Channels are collections of videos based on producers or topics. There are three share options:

  • LTI Launch URL [do not use]
  • Permalink
  • Embed code

IMPORTANT Note for Off-Campus use: The Permalink and Embed code have the library proxy attached so you can access the library's subscription with either link when off-campus.

Video Links

Individual videos can be embedded in eLearn (D2L) with the video's embed code from the database.

However, the best option for eLearn (D2L) is to add videos with the "Add Existing Activities" option.

  1. Select Alexander Street from the Add Existing Activities menu.
  2. Search for the video you want 
  3. When you find the video click "Return link" and it is added to course content.

The streaming videos in Academic Video Online: Premium meet accessibility standards.

Videos are closed-captioned.

Synchronized transcripts accompany the video and the spoken text is highlighted as the video plays. There is no print option for a transcript.

Your search results may include a "sample" copy. This sample video is not available in our subscription. Unfortunately there is no way to eliminate the samples from your search results. ProQuest technical support reports that turning off the sample copy is an "option our development team is planning on adding, but they have not yet announced when that will be." [status as of 3/4/2020]

In the Resource Center for Alexander Street it states that "All films purchased from Alexander Street, whether streaming or DVD, include limited public performance rights, which includes permission for classroom showings, as well as public screenings, as long as no admission is being charged."

Check the link Alexander Street - Public Performance Rights for updates to this policy.

Review content changes, both additions and deletions, at Academic Video Online Content Updates.

Alexander Street attempts to only remove video content in January and July.  Any removals outside of that period are due to emergency rights terminations by publishers.