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Database Help: PsycARTICLES

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What is PsycARTICLES?

PsycARTICLES is a periodical database from EBSCOhost.

Use this database to find full-text scholarly articles from scholarly and peer-reviewed psychology journals.

  • Although this database only has psychology journals it does not have all the psychology journals published.
  • PsycARTICLES, a product of the APA, is distributed by different vendors; our version is from EBSCO. 
  • PsycINFO is different from PsycARTICLES and has different content. Do not confuse the two. Vol State does not subscribe to PsycINFO.

Search tips for PsycARTICLES

Limit your results - Published Date

Use the Published date option at the beginning of your search! This feature is available for both Basic Search and Advanced Search.

WHY? Journals in this database go back to 1894. Frequently, a class assignment requires an article published within the last 5 years.

If you forgot to limit the date – Go to the Refine Results section, find "Limit to" and select the correct date range.

Advanced Search - some  more "Limit your results" options

Advanced Search allows you to create a very precise search, using some unique search features relevant to psychology. These "Limit your results" options specific to the research study might be of interest

  • Population Group offers options based on species (human versus animal), gender identity, patient status (inpatient versus outpatient)
  • Age Groups
  • Methodology offers a wide variety from brain imaging to twin study.

Citing information found in PsycARTICLES

General information needed to create your own citation ...

Where did you find it? in the subscription database PsycARTICLES

What is it? an article from a scholarly journal

When viewing an article you can use the PsycARTICLES Cite option in Tools.