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Database Help: APA PsycARTICLES

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APA PsycARTICLES is a periodical database from EBSCOhost. Use it to find full-text scholarly articles from scholarly and peer-reviewed psychology journals.

  • This database has only psychology journals, but it does not have all the psychology journals published.
  • APA PsycARTICLES, is distributed by different vendors; our version is from EBSCO.
  • APA PsycINFO is not the same as APA PsycARTICLES. The databases have different content. Vol State does not subscribe to APA PsycINFO.

APA PsycARTICLES: Search tips

The Full Text option should always be checked. No full text, no article.

An abstract is a brief summary of the article; it is not a substitute for the article.

Review the keywords and subjects assigned to an article from your search results.

  • Search again with a keyword discovered in an article
  • Selecting a subject will retrieve a list of articles with that subject

psycARTICLES keywords and subjects highlighted

Find what you need by setting limiters in Advanced Search at the beginning of your search. Still too many results? Or did you forget to set a limit? Refine Results to the rescue. Select limiters based on your information need.

Remember to check Full Text so you can get the complete article.

Use the Published date option at the beginning of your search! This feature is available for both Basic Search and Advanced Search.

WHY use the published date option?

  • The assignment may require an article published within a certain date range, i.e. the last 5 years
  • Journals in this database go back more than 100 years - 1894 to be exact.

If you forgot to limit the date at the beginning of your search

  1. Go to the Refine Results section,
  2. find "Limit to,"  and
  3. select the correct date range

Advanced Search allows you to create a very precise search, using some unique search features relevant to psychology.

Age Groups is one limiter in Limit Your Results. There are 12 options for searching by age group. You can select one or multiple age groups.



Advanced Search allows you to create a very precise search.

Population Groups is a limiter in Limit Your Results with options based on

  • species (human versus animal)
  • gender identity
  • patient status (inpatient versus outpatient)

Advanced Search allows you to use unique search features relevant to psychology to create a very precise search.

The Methodology limiter in Limit Your Results finds scholarly research that you used a specific methodology. Find research using  brain imaging, clinical study, field study, twin study, and more with the methodology limiter.


Citation information from APA PsycARTICLES  ...

  • Clicking on the article title from the search Results List retrieves an article details page. From this page
    •  go to Tools,
    • select Cite, and
    • pick the Citation Format needed.

Create your own citation ...

  • Where did you find it? in the subscription database APA PsycARTICLES
  • What is it? an article from a scholarly journal
  • Other needed citation information can be found in the article itself or use the details page which identifies the citation elements like author.

About this EBSCOhost page

This page offers easy access to APA PsycARTICLES and provides some tips about using this database effectively. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the database; it simply assists Vol State users with common questions. Use the "Help" link in for additional help.