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Database Help: Login issues

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Thigpen Library subscribes to a variety of databases and access requires that 1) you must be affiliated with Vol State and 2) you must use our "official links." You cannot go directly to a database like ProQuest Research Library and use your Vol State user name and password to gain access. Using the library links verifies that you are authorized to use our subscription.

The same Vol State user name and password that logs you into the campus computer, portal, and eLearn gets you access to Thigpen Library databases and special resources like Zoom.

Find information about standard login procedures in Database Login and discover solutions to common problems. A few of resources have a different login page and system which is explained in Authentication for Zoom.

The Proxy Prefix section explains how to create database links to specific articles that authenticate to the Vol State subscription.

Database Login

Thigpen Library e-resources (databases) are limited to current Vol State faculty, staff, and students. Users away from a Vol State campus computer must verify that they are affiliated with Vol State. You do this by logging in to the proxy server before going to the database.

Verification is easy when you use the "official" links from Thigpen Library. These "official" links open a login page in a new browser window to verify your affiliation. On the "Thigpen Library Online Resources" page enter your Vol State network / portal username and password.

Login page window disappears when you enter a valid username and password.  Type carefully because entering the incorrect information too many times can temporarily lock your Vol State account.

screen capture webpage "Thigpen Library: login..."

Solutions to Common Problems

The most common login problem is failure to use an "official" Thigpen Library link for an electronic resource. Select your database from the A-Z Databases list.

Your cookies, cache, or browser security settings may be stopping the required login window from opening. First, use the link "Login to Use Thigpen Library Resources (proxy)", login, and then select your database or article link.

A link saved from the browser's address bar may not work even when you are logged in. These links are temporary and the database does not recognize the link. Look for a document ID or accession number in the link and search for this number in the database.

Not currently affiliated with Vol State but a resident of Tennessee? Use the Tennessee Electronic Library 

Authentication for Zoom

Zoom @ VolState requires a different authentication procedure. On a Vol State computer you typically receive an Authentication Required pop-up window. Use your network / portal User Name and Password.

Screen capture web browser pop-up window  "Authentication Required"

When you are off-campus a Volstate Federation Service login screen prompts you to sign in. Use your Vol State email address for the User Name instead of your network ID / portal login, but the password is the same.

Screen capture web browser pop-up window "Volstate Federation Service"


Proxy Prefix

The proxy is how authorized users gain access to the library's subscription resources from off-campus. You are routed through the proxy when you select a database link from our A-Z Database list. When you want to save a link to a specific article, ebook, or streaming video look for the permalink (also called document URL or stable URL). These permalinks, not the browser bar link, take you back to the specific resource.

Permalinks need the proxy URL as a prefix to allow easy access to the subscription resource. Many of our subscription resources include this prefix automatically, but some like JSTOR and the TEL resources do not. It is easy to add the proxy prefix.

When the proxy prefix is missing copy the proxy URL and paste in front of the permalink. Make sure no extra punctuation or spaces are added to the finished URL.

An LTI permalink is an exception to the rule. The proxy prefix is not required since this link should only be used in eLearn.

TIP You can also use this proxy URL to go directly to the proxy login page where you can sign in and then open a saved database permalink to an article, ebook, or database.