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Database Help: CQ Researcher

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Each issue fo CQ Researcher is a single-themed in-depth report written by experienced journalists and is fact checked by experienced editors. These reports explore current issues and controversial social and political topics in the United States. CQ Researcher meets the criteria of a credible information source of academic quality.

CQ Researcher: Cite

Screen capture Cite Now! button  The CiteNow! button creates a citation for the report you are viewing. Style choices are: APA, Bluebook, Chicago or MLA.

General information for creating your own citation

Where did you find it?  in the subscription database CQ Researcher Online

What is it?  an article from the magazine CQ Researcher

Which URL? Each report has a unique document URL which is the permalink. This URL is at the end of the report in the HTML online version only. It is NOT included on the PDF version.

Sample document URL:

CQ Researcher: Permalink

The permalink is referred to as the Document URL. It is available at the end of each online report.

For access to the article again you must go through the library subscription. An easy solution is to add an authentication ("proxy") prefix to the Document URL.

Adding the proxy prefix

  1. Find the CQ Researcher Document URL for your reports. For example,
  2. Add the proxy prefix, exactly as shown, to the front of the CQ Researcher Document URL to create a proxied URL. The proxy prefix is:
  3. Your proxied URL will look similar to this example:

CQ Researcher: Tips

Date of the report

Check the date! Older reports may be suitable for background information, but not the current situation.

View a report

Click on the title to open the report. HINT: Using the PDF version gets you the page numbers which makes in-text citations easier.

Save, email, or print

The View PDF button opens a PDF which makes citing, saving, and printing easier. The PDF is the best option.

Or you use one of the two drop down menus to email a link to or print  the complete report or one section.

Screen capture "View PDF" icon and drop-down menu options for email and print

For more information on using CQ Researcher

This page provides access to the subscription database CQ Researcher Online and information for using this resource effectively. It is not a comprehensive guide to the database; it simply assists Vol State users with common questions.  Use the Help link in the database to learn about advanced database features.